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This wiki is a place to find all the lore and history through out roleplay. You can also suggest lore to be added by sending a document to AlexDoesNothing#4532 with the lore, it must be detailed. There also could be a chance you could be asked to join the Lore Team.

The Setting Edit

Mists of Asaeria is set on the continent of, well, Asaeria. It is believed that Asaeria was formed by Roi Louis VII and Regina Aliona V. Together they had ruled the Kingdom of Dunaerk until a great war occured, it was then the Kingdom of Vanguardia was formed. However, when Roi Charles took the throne of Dunaerk, and when Regina Aelina took the throne of Vanguardia, they called a peace and the two kingdom have been united ever since the Roi and Regina were 15.

But peace does not stay forever, the kingdoms may become the greatest enemies, or they may stay allies for longer. But you can join their journey. You can start your own.

This, is Mists of Asaeria.

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